Graphic Process: UV Direct Print

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Available to be used Indoor and Outdoor

Total depends on square footage. $19.50 per sq ft.

Important Preparation and Cleaning Tips:
For the optimal writing experience, prepare your wallchalker prior to use. After your wallchalker is applied, cover the writing area with 100% standard white chalk. Let sit for a few minutes and then erase with a dry felt eraser. To erase standard chalk use a felt eraser. To remove erasable liquid chalk ink, wipe with a damp cloth or sponge or lightly spray with water, let sit for 30 seconds then clean with a damp cloth. DO NOT use strong cleaners like Fantastic®, Windex®, Clorox® or anything containing solvents, ammonia or an abrasive. Your wallchalker is now ready for use and easy to clean for a very long time.


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