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Please Note:
It is recommended that a sample of TacTac is tested on the surface being covered.

TacTacTM  will only work on fabric if the fabric is extremely taut, offering resistance as in use on a hard surface. TacTacTM will NOT stick when the material behind it is loose, has greater stretch/less rigidity than the TacTacTM graphic. TacTacTM has been tested and works well on Panoramic SEG displays. SEG Graphics work best since the graphics tend to be very tight, mimicking a hard surface like a wall. TacTacTM is not guaranteed to work on all surfaces, always request and test a sample if you are using TacTacTM on a new surface, especially fabrics.

Outside of plain brick, the only surface shown to work against the adhesive is the combination of eggshell paint on a textured surface. Eggshell paint is mainly used in the kitchen and has intentional additives, allowing it to be cleaned with detergents like 409, fantastic, soft scrub, etc. Unfortunately, this makes it hard for the adhesive to stick to. The adhesive does have the ability to stick to this paint; however, when the paint has been applied to a heavy textured surface, only half the adhesive is making contact with the actual surface. In some cases, this type of surface combined with eggshell paint makes it challenging for the material to work properly.


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