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Your Media Options for Quality Fine Art and Photography Prints

Canvas and Photography Printing | MarylandAs an artist or a photographer, you know like no one else how difficult it can be to relay your imagination onto paper or the beauty of nature into a photograph exactly the way you see. Colors and details often get lost along the way.

But let’s say you’ve got that perfect shot—now there is another challenge of transferring your work onto a print, so that you can hang it on the wall, showcase it, gift it, sell it or otherwise share with others. A 5-minute 4×6 print at your local CVS just won’t cut it. In this case, you can rely on a professional printing company like Diva Displays. We are happy to offer our customers a variety of solutions for all your photography and fine art needs.

Canvas Prints

Traditionally used for painting, canvas is now a popular material for all kinds of digital prints from photographs to art. Canvas adds a grainy texture to a photograph, giving it an appearance of fine art. Ink and canvases used for this purpose are durable and smudge resistant, so there is no need to apply any additional protective coats to the printed surface.

However, if you choose to retouch or embellish your work after printing, there are certain types of canvasses that accept both acrylic and oil paints directly. In this case, you might want to apply a protective coat. There are also various option for mounting canvas prints from more traditional thick gallery wraps to masonite, gatorboard and other types of thin wrapping.

Wood Panel Prints

If you are looking for something more original than canvas, try wood panel prints. Birchwood is commonly used for this purpose due to its lightness and smooth finish. Wood panels contain natural wood grain color variations, which gives each print a unique look.

Fine Art Paper Prints

Fine art paper is paper made of 100% cotton that produces a natural white matte, satin or glossy finish. It can be finely textured, ultra smooth or have a parchment or pastel paper surface. This type of paper is perfect for high-end digital fine art reproductions (giclee). Giclee are fine art digital prints made on an inkjet printer. This method is used to produce high-quality reproductions of original two-dimensional or digital artwork. Before printing, the physical piece of artwork has to be scanned and color-corrected. If you are selling your art, glicee is a fast and efficient way to produce reproduction prints on demand.

Metal Prints

Metal prints, while a bit heavier than regular paper prints, produce incredibly sharp and vibrant images. They are great for photographs that require high contrast and deep color saturation. Sheet aluminum is the metal typically used for such prints. It’s easy to clean, resistant to scratches and can be cut into virtually any size you need.

If you need help choosing the right medium for your project or would like to learn more about our digital art printing services, call us or contact online today.


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