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Marketing is like Hacking the Senses

Custom Marketing Displays by Diva DisplaysMarketing, by definition, is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services.  A lot of people take a very scientific approach to marketing with instituted “algorithms” such as the “4 P’s of Marketing”.  This is the concept of

  • identifying a product
  • determining a price
  • selection of a distribution channel
  • and then development of a promotional strategy

Our biggest focus at Diva Displays, or really any market anywhere that is trying to gather sales, is the last bullet point of promotional strategy.   It’s not a new concept, people understand that focusing on the physical driving forces behind human reaction is the way to entice them to purchase what you are selling.

So how does this operate?  How can you appeal to your audience by hacking the senses?

Have you ever walked by a popcorn vendor and become overwhelmed by the sweet and savory smell of the popcorn?  Have you subsequently purchased popcorn because of it?  This, in a nutshell, is using sensory overload to market a product.  You are essentially teasing your potential customers into wanting more.

  • Sight – Is your product visually appealing?  Does your business portfolio look impressive?  Is the marketing ad you created for your business accurate describing and selling your service?
  • Sounds – Does your product sound interesting or intriguing?  What makes your product or service stand out among the rest?  Something you tell them has to appeal to them to choose you over your competition.
  • Taste – Does your product taste amazing?  Do you meet clients at restaurants or provide small snacks and fresh water or coffee at your office?
  • Touch – Is your product pleasing to the touch?  When meeting a client, is your handshake firm?  Are you allowing proper personal space when conducting business?
  • Smell – Can they smell your product?  Alternatively, when meeting a new client, do you stink or is your breathe fresh?  Scent is a very strong precursor to decision making abilities.

Don’t just limit yourself to the 5 senses, though.  There are additional sensations that drive the human thought process that you can tap into to promote your brand.  Emotional stimulation is a huge one, or else people wouldn’t show so many videos of animals being rescued or abused.  The market for body image is another huge one lately that Dove has tapped into well with their personal beauty campaign.  

However, you have to be careful when targeting the emotional stimulation, because inappropriate emotional association can also hurt your brand.

The best way hack the senses is to provide a way tickle the senses of your customers, whether it is through highly appealing visual artwork and color for visual stimulation, or if selling a product with scent then allowing this scent to be broadcast with free samples, or at trade-shows where you can infuse the air with your product.  Maybe for those that love to read, providing a free e-book about your marketing niche.  I would even suggest figuring out ways to cross contaminate the 5 senses, such as usual visual cues to tap into hunger sensations for those that are more inclined to taste products.

There are ways to tap into these senses, mix and match, and even go beyond to connect on an emotional level.  Proper marketing is knowing how to hack into these 5 senses to convince your client that you are the best person for the job, and to make a memory that will stick with them about you and your business.


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