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Add to Your Branding With Metal Letter Signage

Signs can be made of different materials from lightweight foam prints to glass and plastics, but nothing says you are in a serious business like a metal sign. Metal letters can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, including company name and business logo, and building name and number.

Companies large and small choose metal lettering and signage for many reasons:

  • It looks solid, adds dimension and has a modern feel
  • It withstands the elements very well and is perfect for outdoor use
  • It is highly customizable to meet your specification

Metal signs can be cut and welded from different metals. The most common metals sign makers use are stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. Each of this materials offers a different look and feel, which can be further customized with various finishing options—brushed, polished or painted.

Laser Welding Technique

At Diva Displays, we have partnered up with a welding company that produces high-quality metal lettering for our customers. The use cutting-edge CNC machines and laser welding equipment to make 3D letters according to your deign and specifications.

Take a look at how this machine works:

And here is the type of letters that can be made this way:

3-D Metal Letters for Indoor/Outdoor Displays

Finished signs can also be illuminated with neon or LED lights for more visibility at night. Contact us if you are looking for metal letter signage in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC.



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