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G7 Printing ServicesDiva Displays can provide your project with quality G7 specifications for your grayscale definition. We can achieve printed images across a variety of devices that have a similar visual appearance. The grayscale appearance created is applicable across all color imaging processes and can be used with any print device.  Our agency has been trained to use the G7 Proof-to-print process to ensure the calibration method we use creates a visual match for your project through our best practices methodology.

Through our color management, process, and quality control, we can analyze color and print issues to maintain the standards you need to make your project shine.

What is G7?

According to Xerox: “G7 is an IDEAlliance registered trademark – “G” for its focus on the color gray and the “7” ink solids specified in ISO 12647-2. It is a gray scale specification AND a calibration method that has roots in offset. It’s a specification that provides formal colorimetric definitions for neutrality (gray balance) and tonality (darkness, lightness, and contrast of an image). Plus, it is also a calibration method that adjusts gray balance and tonality to meet the G7 specification.”

How does G7 Printing Benefit Me?

When we use our G7 method in our printing services we are able to define how neutral and near-neutral colors appear to the human eye rather than through dot size or mechanical techniques.  This creates consistency and predictability in your final product.  Since all of our processes are calibrated to these top standards and our devices are tested regularly to maintain this high quality, it removes any issues or headaches of having multiple panels printed across multiple devices.

We can Skin any Structure Display!

We’ve been in the business for decades, so we know what it means to provide quality and variety to our customers. We can create custom premium fabric graphics for any structure you need, and not just limited to our fabric capabilities.  We can also extend this to our direct print, UV print, and Lambda laser photo services.