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Large Digital PrintingOur flatbed printers are ideal for creating large digital printing such as outdoor signage, banners, second surface backlit displays, exhibit displays, architectural and directional signage, event signage and more.

What is Large Digital Printing?

Flatbed Digital Printing is the inkjet reproduction of your digital images onto our various marketing products from photo printing to canvas, outdoor signage, banners, and more.  The process of using inks made of acrylic monomers that are exposed to UV-light allows for your prints to be versatile on what type of material we use.  Using a Flatbed Digital Printer allows us to print on surfaces of varied thickness from paper to several inches thick, which makes this an ideal replacement for screen-printing.  You get the added bonus of a more environmentally sustainable system due to less waste cartridges or air pollution.

What is the advantage of Large Digital Printing on Flatbed Printers?

The biggest advantage of flatbed digital printing is versatility.  Material, shape, and size are irrelevant issues so long as it fits on the surface of our printers.  The resolution is also exceptionally high and the speed is top notch.

 Learn your large digital printing options:

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