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Diva Displays will make your company logo sign pop with a modern and tasteful 3D design.  Three dimensional logos and lettering will upgrade your brand or corporate feel for your business.  We can do 3D logo and lettering in a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, metal, or foam, all with indoor and outdoor applications.  Our logos can be lazer cut or routed, and assembled to provide a custom, beautiful design for your company.

Make Your Company Logo Sign Stand Out with 3D Sign Letters

Thousands of different shapes, sizes, letter styles, colors, and finishes combined with dozens of different materials allow you to create attention-grabbing signs that really promote your brand.  3D lettering is an exciting way to add dimension to your logo and design.

We’ll help you select the right style, colors, and materials to really push your brand logo to the next level and impress your potential clients.

Dimensional Letter Types

  • Wooden Letters are one of the most common types of 3D Dimensional Letters. Wooden letters display as dignified, classy, with a little antique flare.
    letters made of wood can add a level of sophistication to any custom sign.
  • Plastic Letters can last quite a bit longer than your wooden option, and are a bit cheaper.  The advantage of plastic is the ability to manipulate the material to look like other options (such as metal).
  • Metal Letters are very durable. High quality 3D metal letters are often a big part
    of making corporate logos look elegant and consistently recognizable. Our wide range
    of available metals include copper, titanium, and stainless steel.
  • Foam Letters are not quite as durable as some of the other options but they make
    up for it with their light weight and low cost. There are many customization
    options available, including metal plating, so you can have foam letters that look just
    as good as their sturdier counterparts.

A 3D dimensional company logo sign is a compliment to any corporate lobby or conference room.  Whether using traditional brushed gold or your own custom colors, we will work with you to create a dimensional logo that will impress your clients in or out of the office.

We install locally for the Baltimore and Washington D.C. Metro area, but we ship anywhere in the United States for free.  Call today for your free dimensional logo or lettering quote!   If you would like to see samples of the various material options available, set up an appointment and we’ll show you what we can do.

Examples of Great 3D Sign Designs:

  • Reception area, lobby, or board room signs of your company logo
  • Corporate identity on your outer building
  • 3D messaging for your tradeshow or exhibit displays

Below you will find examples of the wide range of 3D letters we have produced for our clients.

If you are interested in seeing more designs or finished signs be sure to check out our portfolio.